Year Zero begins ! 
Resetting everything towards authenticity,  european production, ethics and values.

Since our foundation in 1999 we have always been searching for individual products because we are sure that there will be always a consumer who appreciates the traditional culture of niche products on an economic level.

These products and brands are proposed to the top retailers in D A CH region, finding the right positioning on the market.


Through the great experience we have gained in launching collections on the German speaking market, we noticed the importance of being represented on social media platforms: 

Our services go from bloggers to a complete PR -/ Marketing strategy.

Newspapers, fashion magazines and TV give a fantastic support for the awareness of a brand and its experience.

The media work supports the brands we distribute, also giving specific service to other outstanding brands in consulting. A specific team, Wich is part of the d-tails agency gives you the needed information’s and will study a targeted plan for you.


Even stronger after the Covid crisis real business and relations are the most important aspect. Not exploiting anybody, not giving tremendous margins, but having a moral and cultural message and story to share - raised from our deepest European culture, with its ethical values and strengths. At d-tails we always have been Storytellers, because that is what our customers appreciate: REAL CONTENT AND FACTS!