Anno ZERO! Reset it ALL!

Due to the present Corona crisis our business hours for SS 2020 will include some delays: We will start the sales period in Munich at the beginning of August 2020.

We plan a special road trip from the middle of August 2020 - We want to give our customers a strong signal and organize exhibitions in Vienna, Salzburg, Hamburg and Frankfurt for their convenience.

The Gallery in Düsseldorf and Supreme in Munich will take place as usual - Our customers can visit this exhibitions and look at some other collections, being surrounded by our good service and recreational possibilities. 
For sure we will be also present at the following exhibitions Micam and WHITE in Milano and also at Tranoi in Paris.

Our key strategy is to usually visit our customers shops at the meantime, usually and be there for you in our Showrooms in Düsseldorf and Munich.

Old school is always the Best!