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The dates of HW22 are as follows in our own show rooms
We do a covid rapid test every other day:

Saison Herbst - Winter 2022

Düsseldorf GALLERY/FASHN ROOMS - Areal Böhler            27.01. - 31.01.22

München SUPREME MTC - 2° Stock : 11.02. -15.02.22

SHOWROOM MÜNCHEN -  Agentur d-tails   
Arndstrasse 12 - 80469 München - vor und nach den Messen - by appointment

Showrooms : Düsseldorf , Munich , Wien , Zürich 

For the real well-being: in our Munich Show Room, we prepare warm food for you every day and show you our high-quality line of olive oil, different hams from the Umbria region, and other delicious lines under the current Covid Directives.

Our Brands

Brands Fashion: Beltepa´Ikat, Manrico Cashmere Donna & Uomo, Les Copains Donna & Uomo, Mabrun outerwear Uomo ( D/A), Mai Belgium hand-knitted, Aesse Urban sustainable outdoor Donna & Uomo, Kniit Milano, Matchless, Kaya Sophie Coats Donna, Barmas Denim Uomo, Michael Coal Uomo

Brands Accessories:
Ripani Bags, Izmee Bottles, Gallo 1927 Socks, Anita Bilardi Bags, Restelli Milano Gloves, UB+ loudspeaker, Fracap shoes Donna & Uomo, Sesa shoes Donna & Uomo, SVP Jewellery, Cashmere F. scarf